Fabrication Works Tenders – Its Sources and Scope in Business

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In industrial sector production of objects using raw materials with the use of manual labors or machines is called fabrication. In the process of fabrication usually a division of labor is affected. Manufacturing on the other hand in a limited sense can be defined as fabrication or assembly of components into finished products on large scale. Thus fabrication is an integral part of the industrial manufacturing process and numerous fabrication work tenders originate from this requirement.

Global and Local Tenders

Fabrication can be small scale or large scale, but in major industries it is always large scale. Very often in order to introduce better competitive flavor and getting higher quality of performance, the requisitioning industries resort to global tenders for such large scale fabrication tenders. In most other cases the fabrication work tenders are localized. Tenders that are global in nature are also floated in form of free tenders where large indigenous fabricating can also compete with outstate or overseas providers of fabrication works.

Major Sources for Fabrication Work Tenders

Some of the major sources of fabrication work tenders are –

• Aeronautical industries where the fabrication works are required for making plane body and different parts and also the hangar and other parts of the terminus;
• Ship building and repairing industries that includes body of the ship, different parts, dockyard, warehouses, and others.
• Railway engine and coach building industries; where one requires building the coaches, other parts, engine parts, and also shades and other constructions.  
• Automobile industries where the use is basically for body structure of automobiles and other parts;
• Manufacturers of consumer electronic goods;
• Manufacturers of electrical equipments;
• Furniture making and supplying industries;
• Heavy machinery industries;
• Oil, refineries, and pipe line using industries;
• Industries using long ropes of cables that require fabrication;
• Steel and mines industries; and
• Construction works and real estate industries.

Purely Local Tenders

While many of the industries in the above sectors that are large sized use global tenders for their purposes, there are also other medium and small scale industries and a part of the real estate industries that uses purely local fabrication work tenders for their construction and installation works. Since the works of these organizations are purely localized, they do not find any requirements for going for the global ones when it comes to tendering process.  Thus the key element is the filing and floating of fabrication work tenders is that for works like major installation, construction of bridges, railways, shipyards, and aviation centers, major industrial works, the global bidders are preferred. But incase of the works like setting up a colony, doing internal infrastructure works in colonies, localities, towns, and cities, and especially in the rural sectors, the local bidders get the preference due to their familiarity with the environment if not for anything else.

Apart from the above, fabrication work tenders are also floated from other sectors like educational technical education, especially those imparting engineering training and teaching vocational trades and sports and games arenas where also different types of fabrications are required.

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Fabrication Works Tenders – Its Sources and Scope in Business

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Fabrication Works Tenders – Its Sources and Scope in Business

This article was published on 2011/08/23